Curry lentils

I LOVE, love, LOVE all things warm and cozy. Waking up with 62 degree weather in August reminds me that fall is right around the corner. With that being said- I am getting a head start on perfecting all my favorite fall dishes for the upcoming season.

Last night I made a Coconut Curry Lentil Soup in my crockpot. This is SUCH and easy meal to make, some of the ingredients are probably in your home already.


    1 lb. of dry red lentils (I buy them by the pound at Sprout’s to make sure they are fresh)
    2 cups unsweetened Coconut Milk
    4 cups of vegetable stock
    1 large onion (I prefer Vidalia)
    2 handfuls of frozen Kale/Spinach (I use more, if you have fresh that should be fine)
    400g of diced tomatoes (I have used fresh here as well)
    2 tbsp of tomato paste (you can substitute ketchup OR Sriracha here for extra kick)
    2 cloves of garlic
    1 tbsp fresh ginger (definitely use fresh here)
    2 tbsp red curry
    1/2 tsp crushes red pepper flakes
    Salt & Peppa’ to taste

When using a crockpot turn on low, you can add a little coconut oil if you want to coat the inside. Add your coconut milk and vegetable stock. Dice your onion, mince your garlic & fresh ginger (peel ginger first, you don’t want the peel in there). Add your kale & diced tomatoes. Make sure to rinse your lentils thoroughly before adding in. Add dry seasonings. Let cook on low for 4-6 hours. Stir occasionally. Lentils should be soft and flavorful! Serve with Jasmine rice.

*You can add meat if desired. You can also alter to accommodate children who may not like as much heat (reduce or remove red pepper flakes).

This dish was husband approved.

I hope this dish warms your heart and home this fall! Lentils are truly great for anytime of year and are so convenient to just throw in the crockpot and let cook for hours.

Until next time!

-Woman Helping Women



The beginning of anything in life all starts with a seed.

What type of seeds do you plant into your own heart, into your spouse, children, into those around you, into the world, into your business? More importantly what type of ground are you planting your seeds into? Have you tilled the earth? Have you prepared the grounds? Have you prepared your heart?

So much in life that we do we just try to skate by on the bare minimum, we wonder why our lives aren’t fruitful. We wonder why Joe down the road has a new car or Sally at work just bought a house with her husband and is expecting baby #2; with a business that is thriving rapidly. Let me tell you my friend, Being fruitful doesn’t come easily. Being fruitful takes hard work, patience and a lot of soul searching.

When God set out to prepare the land of your heart to be fruitful he is setting you up for a life long journey. First, you must access the land, is it full of rocks and boulders? Are their long deep roots and dead tree stumps that will need to be removed for future growth? Is the soil rich with minerals? Has the land been poisoned by chemicals and toxins like bitterness and envy? What have you been cultivating in the land of your heart? Where you are at today, and where you would like to be all depends on you and the “heart work”. God is willing to get you to the places you need to be but you cannot hold onto those rocks and tree stumps, you cannot allow chemicals to swap throughout your land.

Things I have learned while God is tilling our land for prosperity:

  1. You cannot harbor bitterness. Forgive, or It will block your blessings. It’s that simple.
  2. You must put all your faith in God. He will carry you farther than you ever could.
  3. Be grateful. If you cannot appreciate where you are today, you will not appreciate God’s future blessings.
  4. Give with a grateful heart. Give God the first 10%. The first 10% of your time, money, or day. Don’t give God your crumbs, you wouldn’t want that in return, would you?

Do the heart work, till the land, tilling land is hard, you will not come out unscathed. You will have to face your past, present and look into the mirror. You will need to decide what can stay and what needs to go, what will you improve to get where God can take you? What are you willing to let go of, mend or sacrifice to get where you need to be? Tilling can take months, maybe longer. You are preparing your heart for a lifetime of joy, but first you must prepare the land.

With a happy and grateful heart, start to plant those seeds. After you have planted them, they will need to be watered. They will need plenty of sunshine, be sure to position yourself in life with room for growth and positivity. If you know that someone or something is bad for you.. you must leave that behind in the tilling process. You can’t keep that in your garden and expect those seeds to grow.

With sunshine and water, seeds will begin to sprout into tiny little plants. Pray over those seedlings, yes I said pray. You can’t just hope that they will thrive. Continue to water, continue to pray for sunshine and protection over that garden.

Sometimes when you are nurturing your garden, pests will come along to take those blessings. This is why it is vey important to pray over those little seedlings, pray protection and prosperity and believe that it will be so. Accept God’s protection and fear not. When you’ve prayed it, you need to claim it, and then accept it.

Be patient and know that God is faithful. When your seedlings grow full bloom and the fruits of God’s love are ready Harvest gratefully. Do not forget about the first 10%. When God gives you a garden full of prosperity, don’t forget to do unto others as he has done unto you!

If you are in a season of struggle, or growth this message is a sign for you! I hope you liked it, I hope it spoke to you!

-Woman Helping Women

The Invisible Disability.

“Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

-Wendy Mass

My earliest memory of a migraine was approximately 2-3 years of age. I remember My head pounding and woefully telling my Mom that my head hurt. Of course like most parents would, She gave me children’s Tylenol, still the pounding persisted. I had pressure that penetrated my skull. This went on for most of the day until I felt violently sick and ending up vomiting in the bathroom. Afterward, my Mom asked how I was feeling and we noticed that not long after getting “sick” that my “headache” went away.

These “headaches” continued to follow me into middle school. My Mom would receive phone calls from the school nurse. The nurse would always offer me Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I would just shake my head from side to side and explain that it wouldn’t even touch my “headache”. My Mom would pick me up and when I was home I would draw the curtains and pull a blanket over my head in hopes that it would just go away. This sometimes lasted days.

By high school I was popping Excedrin migraine like it was candy. I would be picked up and brought to the chiropractor and receive 1 if not 2 adjustments, withing 24 hours. Chiropractic care usually helped along with hydration. Eventually I had taken notice to sounds, lights, and weather. These were all variables that effected my “headaches”. After many years of being in the dark it was during high school that I came to the realization that I was having migraines, not headaches.

Over time I have been able to identify my migraine’s. For so many years I was so used to having them that I didn’t notice when I had one. Signs of a migraine can include, nausea, eye pain related to seeing light, neck and upper back tension, intensified pain from hearing noise; such as talking loud, music, dogs barking etc., and last but not least, aversion to smell.

Let’s talk about triggers, people who have recurring migraines can usually pinpoint their triggers. Here are some of mine:

  • Barometric pressure drop- whenever we are about to have a storm and it’s overcast I will feel a migraine coming on, or know one is coming. The glare from light reflecting off the clouds will usually bring one on. (Sunglasses are a great preventative measure.)
  • Menstrual cycle- Yes ladies, you heard me right. Your hormones going haywire around that time of the month can bring on a migraine.
  • Florescent lights- This one took me years to figure out. Often I would go shopping and would leave with a migraine. Florescent lights seem to flicker a bit more, sometimes causing a strobe effect. Which makes your eyes work harder and puts strain on your eyes.
  • Lack of hydration- Sometimes we don’t get enough water during the day, this leads to dehydration and our electrolytes being off balance.
  • STRESS- Oh yeah, the big one. Stress can wreak all kinds of havoc on our body. Be sure to stay clear of stress as much as possible for over all health. Some things are out of our control, but breathe through it and keep your health at the top of your priorities.

How can we prevent a migraine?  Here are a few natural remedies that I use:

  1. Hydrate, I cannot emphasize this enough! Your body needs good ole’ hydration, If I wake up and see it’s overcast or I feel dehydrated I am sure to hit up the fridge for an ice cold glass of water. If you are way behind on your 8 servings – 8 oz of water a day and need a quick fix, I always go with my secret weapon- Coconut water. This naturally delicious drink is packed with a slightly sweet taste (no added sugar necessary) and ELECTROLYTES. Keeping your electrolytes on point is sooo important in order to function properly on a daily basis! This blessing from the earth both hydrates and balances our bodies. We buy our coconut water from Costco, you can find brands like Zico, Vita Coco, and Kirkland signature brand, which just so happens to be organic (brownie points)! On a budget? 1 glass of water, squeeze of a lemon wedge or 2 and a pinch of Pink Himalayan sea salt. Cheap & Easy!
  2. Bath time, Who doesn’t love a nice hot bath to wash the day away? I try to take a 20 minute detox bath about once a week (sometimes 2x if I need it). This includes 1 cup (handful) of Himalayan sea salt (or Epsom salt) + 1/3 cup baking soda + no more than 10 drops of your favorite essential oil, (my favorites are lavender & gentle baby, link below under #4.) fill the tub with the hottest water you can stand. This draws out stress related hormones and balance out your body’s pH level. This recharges my battery and leaves me feeling like I am on cloud 9, life can get crazy, so it’s really important to take care of yourself! Try it tonight, you will thank me later.
  3. Clean eats & sleep, YESSS this is so vital, when your body is properly nourished and rested you are less susceptible to stress.  Eating clean foods such as fruits, veggies, and lean protein are key! Your body will be SO grateful for it daily! Keep in mind that there are so many unnecessary fillers and man made chemicals in our food today. It would shock you! Highly processed food is NOT our friend. Next time you eat something let it be something that doesn’t require a label. If it has a label, read the ingredients. Food for thought: When you have to look up the ingredients on a food label, you shouldn’t put it in your body. If the ingredient list is a mile long.. you shouldn’t put it in your body. Our bodies were never intended to break down Velveeta.. I’m just sayin’. A lot of the additives & fillers found in food today can cause migraines or digestive issues such as aspartame, it’s really important for those of us who are sensitive to stay away. Sleep, our BFF (beneficial friend forever) everyone requires around 7-8 hours a night, if you have kids, we know that’s not realistic. More importantly than the amount of sleep we get is the quality of sleep. You need restful sleep. Don’t let that “To do” list bother you, it will be there tomorrow. I practice going to bed with a clean head and heart utilizing prayer, yoga/exercise, and writing in my journal. Get it out of your system. Don’t carry today’s mishaps or tomorrow’s agenda into your bedroom. Just don’t!
  4. My most sacred and cherished tool, Essential Oil. I’ve been told that peppermint, lemongrass, and M-grain are real miracle workers! My personal migraine annihilator is Honeysuckle oil. It works for me without failure, and my husband who get’s the occasional migraine. I diffuse this and curl up in bed for a nice nap after hydrating. No more than 15-30 minutes my migraine is usually gone, I always drink a coconut water for good measure. When using essential oils please, please, please purchase them responsibly. Look for 100% Essential Oil, without fillers or synthetic fragrance, as these can be problematic to your health. That’s not our mission here (Ask me about the best Young Living Essential Oils for under $20). If you do not have an essential oil company please reach out to me, I am both an Essential Oil distributor & Educator! –>Click the link for more info on Essential Oils –

So, there it is! My experience with migraines has made me want to help others. I hope this helps anyone else who suffers! Please feel free to comment/ask questions and even share your own natural Migraine obliterating remedies!

-Woman helping Women (and men) 🙂







Take a Leap of faith.

It was over two years ago I made yet another gut based leap of faith. I made the decision to move from New Orleans back to Oklahoma. This was a huge deal, and for very good reasons. One in particular.

How I got where I am today? During a 7 day vacation in Oklahoma I took time to feed my soul. This act of self kindness; long overdue. New Orleans offered me fantastic food, church, yoga, adventure along with lots of friendly faces. It also brought distractions, bad habits, and complacency, I needed drive, something more to live for. For 5 blissful mornings I woke to birds chirping and a 4 year friendship. Annette and I hugged, drank coffee, talked, discussed books and life all before the first rays of sunrise. In those glorious mornings I loved on Chef (my four legged companion) giving him my undivided attention. I basked in long hot shower’s relishing in a face mask to follow. I slowed down, I took care of me. I made a hearty breakfast, fed my mind with books and art. I recharged my battery. My last but most pressing task was to prepare the house for Annette’s upcoming annual Halloween party. With a very impressive guest list, there was a lot to do. Little did I know that one guest would change my life forever.

Back story: 4 years prior while living in Oklahoma, I worked as a barista in Tulsa. I met a lot of people. I was constantly asked on a lot of dates. I gave a lot of “no’s”. I was reserving my heart and mind. I had no intentions of dating, However, There was one customer that stood out. He had the grandest smile, He was polite, cheerful, and good looking to boot. He persisted for months hoping by chance to take me on a date. I always declined, but took note of his efforts. In the preceding years he continued to stay in contact via Facebook and Instagram. We shared interests in common, milestones, motivational posts and laughs. He hunkered down somewhere in the background of my mind, never quiet exiting my life. It wasn’t until late one summer night while strolling home from Salsa night at the Dragon’s Den, my phone “dinged”. A notification highlighted the screen of my Iphone from non other but this man I speak of. We caught up on our evening, life, relationships and main events. Our conversation went on late into the night, which turn into days, the days turned into weeks and evolved into months. For the first time in what felt like eternity I woke up every day with a smile on my face and a liveliness in my heart.

Back to the present: I took a weeks vacation in Oklahoma to visit with friends, at the time I contemplated moving back. Before I made the leap I wanted to survey the scene. In my search for a fresh start I found a lot more than I had planned on. I found something I searched my lifetime for, someone I felt connected to. Someone who made me feel seen. My date showed up as a life size banana, I was a sugar skull; evidently we did not plan our costumes very well. Despite the costume situation we enjoyed ourselves. We socialized the night away. We chatted our way through some jello shots and enjoyed the cool autumn air reveling in the moment. It was a night to remember, followed by sleepy head breakfast because, no one should drink and drive. We spent the week together, I tagged along on Halloween night at the city zoo and met his tiny counterpart. A 3 year old shy little boy who loved to color and giggle. I was sold. This banana was the guy for me. Later that week before I left we had our first real date. He took me out to dinner and for a walk by the water under the stars. He held his arm out. It was cold, I could see our breaths in the night sky. I think we both knew where our lives were headed, we could feel it in our souls.

This goodbye left me sure of two things. One, this man was worth getting to know and Two, I would return to Oklahoma as quickly as possible.

I returned to New Orleans and put in for a transfer to Oklahoma. New Orleans gave me everything it had to offer and would always hold a special place in my heart. I eagerly packed up my uptown apartment and counted down the days until Chef and I would make the 10 hour drive back home. Home had a heartbeat and it’s name was Parker. 

Advice for anyone and everyone:

  1. Always trust your gut.
  2. Never be afraid to make new friends.
  3. Once in awhile take a leap of faith.

Stay tuned for my latest adventures.


Mrs. Valerie Anne Treadway


Good bye New Orleans, Hello Oklahoma.

From New York to Oklahoma, from Oklahoma to New Orleans, and back to Oklahoma. Last stop? Nobody knows! The last few years have been nothing less than a whirlwind of events, all of which I plan to share with my usual insight on anything and everything that I feel passionately enough about to put out into the universe! 
So let’s start in reverse. 
There is a time and a place for everything and everyone in our lives. Family, friends, jobs, careers, pets and even places. They are all just different seasons. I believe the saying goes “People change just like seasons.” Or is it “Seasons come and go, people change.” Hmm maybe it’s.. “People come and go just as seasons change, and like the leaves turning at the first of fall I myself found new colors, new places, and new people pulling at my heartstrings once again.” I think I’ll go with that one, being it’s mine, 😉. Oklahoma was a decision I made based on a longing for something to feel like home, I needed something to feel familiar. I needed to go where I was more than tolerated, I needed to be where I was celebrated. Home is where you feel the love and Oklahoma seemed to feel like it had a heartbeat around late October last year. To be specific, my heartbeat. 

New Orleans is so full of pizazz with its festivals, late night availability to alcohol and busy streets, But that was a temporary bandage to something my heart truly needed to thrive. So I cashed in the PTO time that my big ole fancy corporate job gave me for working hard and I bought myself a weeks getaway to good ole Oklahoma. The day before my leaving I packed a bag, my dog and my yoga mat in search of some much needed adventure. New Orleans had plenty of distractions but I didn’t want distractions. My wild heart craved the open road and a good companion. 10 hours through bayou, tolls, bridges and corn fields. Pure bliss and the radio. Just my dog and I. Waiting for me at the end of those 10 hours was good friends, a couch to rest my head, a Halloween party invitation and a mystery. Years ago I left something behind in Tulsa that I never quiet understood. I locked the door to my uptown apartment behind me and the open road we went. 

Friends, family and readers. We have some catching up to do my loves. Stay tuned. 


My Not so Mom’s lasagna

Being what feels like a million miles away from my family I Sometimes get the homesick blues. Since I don’t have the luxury of hopping on a plane and going home at the drop of a hat I have found some other coping mechanisms. One of my favorites is eating my family’s comfort foods. Every family has them. Great Grandma’s cabbage and bow ties, or Grandma Dean’s pork chops and peas with a side of mashed potatoes, pirogues and kielbasa.. and I could go on for days. These are the dishes that brought us together on holidays, snow days, and the other three hundred and something days a year I was gathered around the dining room table with the people I love most. However people’s lifestyles change and sometimes what they once ate they no longer do. I’ve decided to take one of my favorite dishes my mother makes, the one I have missed the most recently..My Mom’s lasagna and tweak it into a meat free, gluten free, new and improved but “Not so Mom’s lasagna”. This lasagna features a roasted red tomato sauce I have borrowed and tweaked from Willy B Mum, and instead of lasagna noodles I will use thinly sliced zucchini and eggplant. All organic vegetables from my local farmers market! Highlights of this meal are that it is gluten free, vegetarian friendly and absolutely scrumptious! Head to the kitchen and grab your apron! 

Tools you will need

2 large pizza or cookie sheets, aluminum foil, cheese grater, large glass Pyrex dish, spatulas, food processor (good blender or nutri bullet will work I am sure) large sauté pan, peeler, good chopping knife, cutting board, strainer, paper towels, large plate


8 good size tomatoes, 2 large sweet onions,  1-2 bulbs of garlic, 6 decent size zucchini, 1 big bad mama jama sized eggplant, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, basil, crushed red pepper flakes, plenty of grated Parmesan, 2 cups mozzarella, 1/2 brick of Philadelphia cream cheese (ricotta or cottage cheese. I was already in the process of cooking and was not going out to the store so I got creative.)

Heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Take your pizza sheets and line them with aluminum foil to catch the drippings the tomatoes will make, drizzle olive oil on the sheet. It’s now time for the cutting board and your good chopping knife, peel and slice your onions into 1/8 inch slices around (so the rings replicate an onion ring) and place them on the sheets. Peel and leave your garlic toes whole, place them on the sheet with the onion slices. Time to grab your tomatoes and strainer, rinse your tomatoes thoroughly. Cut them into halves and place them on top of your onion slices. Sprinkle sea salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, basil (fresh if you have it) garlic powder, and drizzle more EVVO on top! Now cover well with aluminum foil and stick it in the oven for 30 minutes.

While your tomatoes, onions and garlic are cooking now is the opportune time to prepare your “noodles”. Once again grab your strainer and rinse your 6 zucchini and 1 big bad mama jama eggplant thoroughly. Once this is done we are going to cut off the very ends of your zucchini and eggplant and peel them with a vegetable peeler (unless of course you are skilled with a knife, then by all means have at it!). When they are all peeled you will slice them thinly but not to thin, the long way (noodle like) these are going to go in the oven and bake to make them a little softer. When you are done slicing your veggies pat them dry or let them rest in between layers of paper towels on a plate. Sometime soon your timer should be going off, you will now uncover the tomatoes and put them back in for another 25 minutes. Right about now I set out my cream cheese to soften a little. I have prepared my my food processor and pan. Time to grate some cheese. I now have grated about 2 cups of mozzarella and made sure my zucchini and eggplant are completely dry.

Now it’s time to take the oven roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic out and let it cool for a minute. Keep the oven on and lower it to 350. Once they are cooled I grab a spatula and scoop up my tomatoes, onions and garlic into the food processor. Don’t forget all those delicious drippings! Pull up the edges of your aluminum foil and fold it in half let those drippings flow into the food processor and give it a whirl! Let it blend nice and smooth. This is when I like to add any other seasonings I feel it may need such as crushed red pepper flakes for a little heat and a good amount of Parmesan cheese. Sometimes I have to do this in 2 batches, depending on how big your food processor is you may have to as well. Fire up your sauté pan and pour this oven roasted deliciousness in. Now it’s getting hot and steamy up in here!!! Set the burner on simmer, keep it uncovered.

Now it’s time to put your noodles in the oven. Recycle the aluminum foil you used to cover the tomatoes and line the bottom of your pizza sheets lay down your “noodles” and sprinkle a little sea salt on top. Bake for about 15 minutes until fork tender, not mushy though. When done, pull them out to cool down. Now this is where the magic happens! Grab your Pyrex dish and layer your roasted tomato sauce, noodles, and some mozzarella. Smack dab in the middle of these layers I added a very thin slice of cream cheese, being cream cheese is very rich and I did not have any ricotta on hand. Continue layers and top with a generous amount of sauce and sprinkle with a nice layer of mozzarella on top. Now pop this baby in the oven for about 30 minutes so we can let it all meld into a delicious dish of fresh, rich and roasted ingredients! When it’s done set out for about 10 minutes to cool. Cut out a slice for you and a loved one.

If this doesn’t feel like a warm and loving hug from way back home then I don’t know what does!

And That’s how you make “Not so Mom’s” lasagna! Meat free, gluten free but all the flavor you need!

Signing out,

Woman helping women.

New Orleans New Years! 

Here in New Orleans we take Mardi Gras pretty seriously. There are parades, trips to the French Quarter, crawfish boils and lots of cocktails! It’s the last “Hoorah” before lent starts and boy do we do it big! Needless to say, with king cakes back in season and the smell of beignets in the air sometimes it’s hard to get back into the swing of things post Mardi Gras! Let’s not kid ourselves if you live in New Orleans January 1st probably isn’t the best time to start that new lifestyle change you committed to. This year February 18th marks the new beginning of 2015 for me! I’ve re-committed myself to becoming 100% gluten free, continuously moving towards a vegetarian lifestyle and doing my best to cut down on dairy as much as possible! With every new beginning comes fresh and reformative ideas. For me this means NEW and improved recipes! I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen the past 2 weeks and am ready to share! Get your aprons on people it’s about to get delicious up in here! 

Black bean and corn quiche with a Sweet potato crust Cheddar and salsa finish topped with fresh guacamole

(Warning: this dish is #glutenfree #vegetarian and the Best mouthful you will ever have! A serving is usually 1/6th of the quiche which turns out to be somewhere around the 300 calorie mark using plain coconut milk, 1 cup of cheddar and without guac.)

Tools you will need

medium to large size mixing bowl, small bowl, fork, pairing knife, sturdy whisk, good chopping knife, can opener, cutting board and a glass pie dish


Half a can of black beans (I usually use a can 15oz can)

1c of frozen corn (texture is way better than that canned stuff and it’s fresh!)

1.5-2 sweet potatoes (depending on size and or how thick of a crust you want)

1-2cups of cheddar cheese (depends on how much cheese you like)

4 large eggs 

Coconut milk (or milk of choice, I always have a half gallon of coconut milk in the house)

1 ripe avocado

Fresh salsa  (you can make your own or buy some, I bought some.)

EVVO (extra virgin olive oil), sea salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste. I also added some cumin to taste!

Pre heat the oven to 375 degrees 

Get out your cutting board and a good chopping knife. Wash your sweet potatoes thoroughly and dry. Thinly slice sweet potatoes as if you were going to make sweet potato chips out of them, but not paper thin because this will be your crust. Next line your glass pie dish with your sweet potato slices to completely cover the bottom and sides of the pie dish, keep layering them until everything is covered or you run out of sweet potato (whichever comes first). Next drizzle a little EVVO over the freshly laid sweet potato crust  and sprinkle some seasoning (I use Tony’s which is a popular Cajun seasoning here in Louisiana, you can also use salt and pepper). 

Your oven should now be at 375. Bake the sweet potato crust uncovered for 15-20 minutes, I like my crust lightly browned but not too well done because it’s going to go back in the oven (I use the rack a few down from the top). 

Now that your crust is baking grab your medium-large size mixing bowl, a whisk, can opener and a measuring cup if need be. You will also want to gather all the remaining ingredients. 

Crack your 4 large eggs into the mixing bowl (watch out for straggling egg shells, it happens to the best of us!) and add coconut milk (or milk of choice), as if you are making scrambled eggs for yourself. Now add in your seasonings of choice and whisk away! When you’re ready, grab your can opener and black beans, open and strain the water out and add half the can to your whisked eggs. Grab a measuring cup if need be and add a cup of corn to the mixture. If you want a super cheesy quiche now would be the time to add 1 cup of cheddar cheese to the mixture. Stir the mixture until everything in the bowl is is evenly mixed. By this time the crust should be ready. 

Carefully pull the pie dish out of the oven, set it on a heat safe surface. Pour contents of bowl slowly into the pie dish. You can now sprinkle 1 cup of cheddar cheese and spoon salsa onto the top of the quiche. 

Now it’s time to put this baby back in the oven! Cook uncovered for another 35-40 minutes. I use a knife the way you check a cake with a toothpick to see if it is fully cooked! 

It’s “guac”time! Wash and dry your avocado. Carefully cut through the skin around the pit of the avocado and spoon out the good stuff into a bowl. I smash mine up with a fork and sprinkle some sea salt (some people add lemon juice and crushed red pepper flakes for kick). I cheated and mixed in the store bought salsa this time. 

You’re probably still waiting on the quiche to finish cooking. Around this time I like to put on a cup of coffee or tea. 

When your quiche is fully cooked set it out on a heat safe surface and let it cool for about 10-15 minutes. After it’s cooled down grab a spoonful of guac and dab it on top of your freshly plated slice of quiche. It’s chow time people! 

As Julie and Julia would say “Bon appetit”!