Clean home, Toxic body?

It is safe to say everyone loves a clean home. But have you ever thought about what is in the products you use in your home? Your home is not the only sanctuary and temple but your body is as well. Am I over your head right now? How about we dig a little deeper, let’s see what’s been hiding under the rug and in your cleaning supplies. Just because something works well doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy for your body. Bleach may disinfect on the spot but it is also a registered pesticide. It is used by most pest control companies to kill bugs, rodents, other animals, and fungi. It is also used to kill weeds in your yard (sited Bleach is one of two substances needed to make mustard gas. Fun Fact: Mustard gas was used in WWI for chemical warfare. Think about that the next time you clean your toilet!

Let’s not stop here. Our Dermis also known as our skin is the quickest way to absorb anything whether it is liquid, solid or gas. Anything you use in your home is immediately absorbed into your body. You know that Dawn soap you love so much, that works so well? I’ve got news for you, it may cut grease and oil great, and it probably even gets all the fleas off your dog, but if it can cut through oil from an oil spill and eliminate all the fleas in your dog’s coat, what is it doing to your body? One of the ingredients in Dawn dish soap is Quaternium15, also known as Formaldehyde, Which is what is used to preserve a corpse. How do you feel about your clean dishes now?

I am just scratching the surface of what is in your home. Air fresheners, floor cleaners, candles, there are so many products with so many ingredients. Next time you use hand soap or a window cleaner, research the ingredients list. Educate yourself. Find out just what toxic chemicals your body has to work hard at processing on a daily basis. These things can cause issues such as dry irritated skin, children and adults with ADD or ADHD, or even people who get chronic migraines such as me.

If you are anything like most people including myself you are sitting in your chair feeling pretty helpless and wondering how you are going to clean your house. Fret not, I did not inform you to leave you lost, stranded and in a dirty home! There are wonderful, ecofriendly, non-toxic ways to clean your home guilt free! My choice of products I use in my home are from I absolutely LOVE the way they clean my home. They are affordable, non-toxic, and the bottles are corn derived so they are bio degradable. I love Melaleuca so much I decided to become a consultant, being I feel so passionate about having a non-toxic living environment. Melaleuca is NOT like companies such as 7th Generation that have no integrity what so ever. They are not only expensive but advertise that they do not put bleach in their baby diapers. However, they add dyes to make the diapers brown so that they appear to be natural. Melaleuca has been around since 1985, using nontoxic ingredients and keeping prices not only affordable but they have stayed the same through the years.

Another alternative for those who are creative and love learning new ways to use everyday house hold items is to use warm water, vinegar and essential oils. It’s cheap, quick, and always in your kitchen cabinets!  Do yourself a favor, go non-toxic. Spare you and your family from a toxic living environment. Stop being deceived and reclaim your sanctuary, your body, your home, your peace of mind.



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Valerie Dean


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