Good bye New Orleans, Hello Oklahoma.

From New York to Oklahoma, from Oklahoma to New Orleans, and back to Oklahoma. Last stop? Nobody knows! The last few years have been nothing less than a whirlwind of events, all of which I plan to share with my usual insight on anything and everything that I feel passionately enough about to put out into the universe! 
So let’s start in reverse. 
There is a time and a place for everything and everyone in our lives. Family, friends, jobs, careers, pets and even places. They are all just different seasons. I believe the saying goes “People change just like seasons.” Or is it “Seasons come and go, people change.” Hmm maybe it’s.. “People come and go just as seasons change, and like the leaves turning at the first of fall I myself found new colors, new places, and new people pulling at my heartstrings once again.” I think I’ll go with that one, being it’s mine, 😉. Oklahoma was a decision I made based on a longing for something to feel like home, I needed something to feel familiar. I needed to go where I was more than tolerated, I needed to be where I was celebrated. Home is where you feel the love and Oklahoma seemed to feel like it had a heartbeat around late October last year. To be specific, my heartbeat. 

New Orleans is so full of pizazz with its festivals, late night availability to alcohol and busy streets, But that was a temporary bandage to something my heart truly needed to thrive. So I cashed in the PTO time that my big ole fancy corporate job gave me for working hard and I bought myself a weeks getaway to good ole Oklahoma. The day before my leaving I packed a bag, my dog and my yoga mat in search of some much needed adventure. New Orleans had plenty of distractions but I didn’t want distractions. My wild heart craved the open road and a good companion. 10 hours through bayou, tolls, bridges and corn fields. Pure bliss and the radio. Just my dog and I. Waiting for me at the end of those 10 hours was good friends, a couch to rest my head, a Halloween party invitation and a mystery. Years ago I left something behind in Tulsa that I never quiet understood. I locked the door to my uptown apartment behind me and the open road we went. 

Friends, family and readers. We have some catching up to do my loves. Stay tuned.